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In 2015, while on family vacation the concept of Big Truck Brewery was born!  The Maryland Farm Brewers Act allows you to brew beer and sell as long as you grow one of the ingredients on the farm.  Now we are business men and marketers and to have the chance to brand our Hops and our Brewery was a dream come true.  The Hop Farm became a big part of the puzzle when we realized the Brewery would take a while to get opened.  The beer is a way to experience the farm anyway, so lets get the farm up and running!  Brewers can put their own spins on Big Truck Hops and we can experience their beer as well.  Enjoy some hops in the meantime while we get the brewing going!  

Big Truck Farm has been through many stages, purchased by Kip Fulks in 2005 as a piece of property in Northern Baltimore County Maryland as just a place to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors.  Many ideas have come about for what to do with this 250 acre farm, but it has only been leased to local farmers to grow corn, alfalfa, and soy beans.  Until Now!  Big Truck Farm is now home to Cascade and Chinook hops and will be the home of Big Truck Farm Brewery.